Founder Coral Shaw grew up immersed in the fashion and swimwear industry working closely with her mother designing kids swimwear. After designing swimwear for herself as a teen Coral decided that she wanted to share her styles and designs with more than just her close friends. In 2019, She launched Coral Swimwear X, a Hawaii based swimwear brand inspired by her island lifestyle. With a passion for the art of fashion forecasting, designer Coral Shaw focuses each collection on a creative theme portraying her take on the current and upcoming fashion trends. Here at Coral Swimwear X we operate on the cutting edge of design creating comfortable, quality swimwear made for every swim body. Each style released is completely unique and exclusive to that collection. From the feel to the fit, we aim to perfect every detail of our swimwear. Hand selecting the highest quality textiles, allows us to create attention-grabbing swimsuits that flatter your curves without fading or stretching over the years. At Coral Swim X we want every girl who slips into our custom swimsuits to feel powerful, confident, and beautiful in their own skin.

  How we do our part:

Fast fashion accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions in the world and is the second largest industry when it comes to pollution behind the oil industry... Fast fashion is a major factor in the destruction and pollution of the environment.

Thus, here at Coral Swimwear X we practice something called “Slow Fashion”

Not running off of any stock! Each order placed is custom made-to-order specially for our customers.  All of our printed styles are done so digitally onto our fabrics using no water and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes, leaving behind little to no waste. All extra fabrics are used to create are beloved scrunchies which are complimentary sent with every order, and our female founded factory based in Bali, Indonesia provides safe conditions, pay their workers fair wages, and give great benefits. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your style for your values, that’s why we do our best to make sure you have peace of mind with every purchase.